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Sprain vs. Strain in the Bodybuilder

If you pull something when lifting, it may well be a sprain or strain. Here are their common causes, how they differ and how to treat one.

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Build a Massive Chest

Here’s the best way to construct a shirt-splitting chest, combining these 3 critical keys and 5 chest-swelling moves.

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What Happens When ... You Reverse the Bench?

The preacher curl is an excellent isolation movement for the biceps, but what happens when you go from a standard preacher to curling off the steep side of the bench?

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Old School Training

Building Mass and Size with Bodybuilding’s Greatest Stars

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4 Rules For Bodybuilding Success

Speed up your muscle gains by understanding these four key bodybuilding concepts

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Bulgarian Squat vs. Dumbbell Lunge

Both moves work the legs, but which is better at building overall mass in the quads?

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5 Biggest Shoulder Training Mistakes


Avoiding these common shoulder training mistakes will keep you injury free and on the road to building cannonball-sized delts!

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5 Biggest Chest Training Mistakes

You can’t build a massive chest with shoddy technique and bad form. Avoiding these five common training blunders will guarantee “pec-tacular” gains!

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Your 6 Secrets to Big Arms

Seated Dumbbell Curls

Think building big arms is all about choosing the right exercises? Think again. Here are 6 keys to adding an extra inch to your bi’s.

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Lee Banks’ High-Yield Biceps Workout

IFBB Pro Lee Banks has one of the most impressive sets of arms in the industry. Here is his strategy and training routine for building biceps that peak like Mount Everest!

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